My all time favorites  villain

he…is..well…as the title says….

my all time favorite….

his verocities, his strenght, his appearance, are a horror for me when i was a kid. villain that spidey have a really hard time defeated it.

and it’s about defeating our darksides…

it’s a really interesting to see spidey turn black, it’s like something bad are gonna happen.

what if spidey fell to his darkside….

what if spidey can’t defeat venom…

it’s a scary things for me as a kid.


Engagement present for my best friend

here we go again, this is my second work using this style with watercolor

i plan to draw this and somehow print it on a shirt, that will i gave to my friend as her engagement present.

well, starting up a clothing bussiness are one of my many dreams.

and i hope this will be a good start.

drawing, learning, print it…sell it.

i hope i will manage to do this.

Women in Colors

Well..this is..umm….my works… learning to use watercolor…

i really love this, the colors, the vibrance, the feel…

it makes me wanna to draw more.

i learn this technique from an artist at instagram, he is a very skillfull one.

and i really love his style…

please check his instagram and youtube channel.

his name is laovaan.

well, i guess this is it for now.



Well, hello again, i know.

It’s been..well…three or four years ago since i last post something here.

And at some point, i came back here again.

For me, writing and drawing, it always makes me calm, settle me down.

A few months ago i started to draw again, using new technique, new tools, manually and digitally.

I started to learn using watercolor, drawing stuff that i will post it later  here.

And, this work, this particularly work, are some kind of a commission i did for my friend.

I drew her using my pen tablet, well, it’s been awhile since i draw anything digitally, but i love the result. Need to do this more.

Well, then again…..