My all time favorites  villain

he…is..well…as the title says….

my all time favorite….

his verocities, his strenght, his appearance, are a horror for me when i was a kid. villain that spidey have a really hard time defeated it.

and it’s about defeating our darksides…

it’s a really interesting to see spidey turn black, it’s like something bad are gonna happen.

what if spidey fell to his darkside….

what if spidey can’t defeat venom…

it’s a scary things for me as a kid.



well, i tried a new things today…and it’s called doodling.

hahaha, well…i know, i’m a slow one.I wanted to try this for quite some time.

seeing other artist make tons of great works really inspired me, and i must say….

“this is really fun”…

doing the detail, maybe mine is not detailed enough, are the most fun things to do, i enjoyed it so much. it made me calm, giving me peace. 

well, have to do this more….

Engagement present for my best friend

here we go again, this is my second work using this style with watercolor

i plan to draw this and somehow print it on a shirt, that will i gave to my friend as her engagement present.

well, starting up a clothing bussiness are one of my many dreams.

and i hope this will be a good start.

drawing, learning, print it…sell it.

i hope i will manage to do this.

Women in Colors

Well..this is..umm….my works… learning to use watercolor…

i really love this, the colors, the vibrance, the feel…

it makes me wanna to draw more.

i learn this technique from an artist at instagram, he is a very skillfull one.

and i really love his style…

please check his instagram and youtube channel.

his name is laovaan.

well, i guess this is it for now.



Well, hello again, i know.

It’s been..well…three or four years ago since i last post something here.

And at some point, i came back here again.

For me, writing and drawing, it always makes me calm, settle me down.

A few months ago i started to draw again, using new technique, new tools, manually and digitally.

I started to learn using watercolor, drawing stuff that i will post it later  here.

And, this work, this particularly work, are some kind of a commission i did for my friend.

I drew her using my pen tablet, well, it’s been awhile since i draw anything digitally, but i love the result. Need to do this more.

Well, then again…..